The Criminal Justice Institute (CJI), part of the University of Arkansas system, has donated another computer to the Greenwood Police Department. Whenever the CJI upgrades their computer systems, they donate the old systems to smaller police departments around the state. These older systems are usually only a year or two old and are considered upgrades for the smaller departments.

The CJI provides training and online instructions to law enforcement all across Arkansas. Last year, they hosted classes for 7,100 officers in areas ranging from racial profiling to animal cruelty and crime scene investigation. Dr. Cheryl May, the Director of the CJI, personally delivered 35 computers to police departments last week, including Lavaca and Greenwood. "We love to be able to help the smaller police departments when we can," Dr. May explained. "Greenwood actually hosts several CJI classes here."

"This computer brings us to our goal of four stations for the patrol officers to work from," Lt. Nicholas Driscoll of the Greenwood Police Department said. "There have been times when officers have had to wait for an open computer to file reports. This will help with efficiency."