Preschool Extraordinaire held a ribbon cutting on June 8th to dedicate its new shade structure. The American Academy of Dermatology provided an eight thousand dollar grant for the new structure, which will provide shade over part of the preschool play area. It will protect 100 children each day. Greenwood Dermatologists, Sandy Johnson and Brad Johnson of Johnson Dermatology sponsored Preschool Extraordinaire’s application. Seeking shade is an important way to reduce skin cancer risk.

Dr. Sandy Johnson spoke to the entire preschool about protecting your skin from the sun. "With this new shade structure you won’t get so hot. It will help keep the sun off you." She reminded the students to wear sunglasses and hats to protect their skin. "You only get one skin and we need to protect our skin." She reminded them of the three S’s of skin care. Slip, Slap, and Slop. Slip on a shirt, slap on a hat, and slop on some sunscreen. Johnson answered questions from the children. Johnson Dermatology donates sunscreen to the preschool as well.

The children, owner Tina Skaggs, and all the preschool teachers went outside to show Dr. Johnson the thank you posters that they hand crafted for her. The new shade structure is in addition to another structure built in 2011 in "Honor of Extraordinary Grandchildren" by Ma and Pa Skaggs.

The new shade structure is 33x14x10 feet. The entire project cost $12,400 dollars. Eight thousand of that was covered by the American Academy of Dermatology Shade Structure Grant. The remaining $4400 was provided by many mini school fundraisers. These fundraisers take place at Christmas and Valentine’s Day every year. The structure was built by contractor Eric Edmonson. Owner Tina Skaggs is thrilled to have the structure completed because the children love to be outside. This will allow for more time outside depending on the heat index. Skaggs stated, "I’m so thankful to Johnson Dermatology for being our Grant Sponsor and to Janine Mueller from AAD. This has been well worth the work for the children to enjoy such a wonderful new structure. "