This starts an ongoing series from the City of Greenwood to inform citizens about the codes, laws and regulations designed to help keep Greenwood beautiful.

It is a violation of the Greenwood City Ordinance to have excess trash, junk or debris anywhere on your property inside the city limits.

The following items qualify as trash, junk or debris and will be viewed as a violation.

1- Items out of place such as furniture in yard, indoor furniture placed outdoors, appliances outdoors, Piles of metal or trash. Tree limbs are allowed only for city limb pickup.

2- Autos that are not licensed, operable or have missing parts.

A violation could mean a citation.

After issuing a warning and sending a certified letter to the property owner a citation will be issued in the amount of $50 and cost of removing the violation.

The most common violation in our residential areas is as follows:

Overgrown grass – Ordinance 03-40 states that grass over 6 inches in height is in violation and is subject to a warning and followed up with a citation if not corrected within 10 days. All Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of grass to the edge of the street that immediately joins their property. This includes drainage ditches which will also be kept free and clean from all obstruction that blocks proper water drainage.

Please help us keep Greenwood Beautiful.