Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck formally announces that he will seek his third term as Sebastian County Sheriff. The thirty year law enforcement veteran is a graduate of Northside High School. Hollenbeck started his career in police work with the Dallas Texas Police Department in 1982. Hollenbeck joined the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Department in 1990. He worked patrol, became a detective and then promoted to Captain over the Criminal Investigative Division as well as SWAT.

Since becoming Sheriff of Sebastian County, Hollenbeck has increased the training tempo of the department’s sworn personnel. By developing and implementing the departments "E-Academy" the adult Detention deputies have received on average 101 hrs. of training per deputy in 2013. The on- line training has increased from the years past of an average of 40 hrs. per detention deputy. The detention center as a whole has received over 6000 hrs. of training from various topics such as advanced supervision, cell extraction, first aid professional ethics, escorting and transporting prisoners and much more.

The E-Academy also has been implemented for the Administrative, Patrol, Detective, Bailiff, as well as the Special Services Division. These divisions receive not just on-line training but also in-service as well as outsourced training. Off duty personnel in the past would be required to attend training on the deputies day’s off. By establishing this three tier training system the department saves thousands of dollars in overtime.

Sheriff Hollenbeck has also implemented a community service program supervised by the Sheriff’s Department. This program has been successful through the coordination and outstanding cooperation with District Court, Circuit Court, Drug Court, Probation and Parole and in house staff. This program identifies nonviolent misdemeanor offenders as well as individual who owe fines. This program places individuals into this alternative sentencing program by performing community service in lieu of jail time. In 2013, these offenders worked 1,842 days of community service projects instead of being incarcerated at the cost to the tax payers. The Community Service workers have provided service to Ben Geren Park Maintenance, Fair Grounds, Lincoln Youth Center, Girls Inc., County Road Department and other nonprofit organizations. Those days total 14,744 hrs. which is equivalent to $105,000, calculated at minimum wage of free service to our community.

Sheriff Hollenbeck and his staff have made several departmental improvements. Working with other elected officials and the Quorum Court; the Sheriff’s Department now have updated technology such as Computer Aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Locator on all patrol cars. This allows our dispatch operators to immediately identify the closest units to any given 911 emergency call or identify the closest unit if deputies need immediate assistance. The Patrol Division is in the process of replacing old mobile computers with updated and less expensive tablets for all patrol vehicles.

The department now has on -line sex offender tracking system. Offender Watch allows for the community to receive email alerts by signing up on the Sebastian County Sheriffs web site to any sex offender that moves nearby their residence. The community members can also access all registered sex offenders being monitored by the department.

The Detention Center Administrator has implemented an Electronic Medical Records System to assist the medical staff in quality control, event scheduling as well as accountability in medical services. This improvement saves time and enhances security for the medical department. This system is part of the new inmate records management program for the center that interfaces with the law enforcement records system.

In coordination and contractual agreement between Sebastian County Detention Center and Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center we continue to offer mental health care to detainees. WACGC evaluates inmates for suicidal tendencies depression, anxieties and other mental health issues. This improvement enhances the safety and security of the overall detention center as well as saves time for the medical department to concentrate on serious medical needs of inmates.

With the great support of our community and the approval of the recent one cent sales tax Sheriff Hollenbeck and his administration will be able to increase staffing levels at the detention center by an additional eleven deputies. This will increase the level of safety and security not only for our staff and detainees but also for our citizens.

Sheriff Hollenbeck is on the core command group for the regional Child Abduction Response Team. This core group consists of members from other area local law enforcement leaders and other agencies that have been trained in a multi discipline rapid response to missing and child abductions.

Sheriff Hollenbeck is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and has a B.S in Organizational Management. He is a commissioner for the Fort Smith Church League Baseball, volunteer football coach for the Boys and Girls Club, Executive Board Member of the Arkansas Sheriff’s Association, Board member of the Arkansas Association of Counties Risk Management, 911 Board member, Fair Board, FOP member, past board member of Camp Hope for Heroes a military veteran support agency. Hollenbeck is married to Dr. Karen Hollenbeck and has five children. They attend St. Boniface Church.