A local man was arrested Saturday following a high-speed police chase that nearly resulted in him running over six people at a 5K race, including a child.

Kyle Spoon, 23, of Greenwood was arrested on suspicion of six counts of aggravated assault, second-degree battery for causing minor injuries to two off-duty officers who helped take him into custody, two counts of reckless driving, fleeing by vehicle, driving while intoxicated, refusing a breath test and resisting arrest, Sgt. John Classen stated in a news release issued by Sgt. Daniel Grubbs, public information officer for Fort Smith police.

Officer Dustin Barentine was running radar detection in the 3400 block of Phoenix Avenue at 7:46 a.m. when a pickup drove past him at 93 miles per hour, according to Classen.

"Barentine pulled out to catch up to the pickup … but was not able to catch up to the pickup and lost sight of it when he reached Zero Street," Classen stated.

Officer Brian Barnard saw the same pickup in the area of Arkansas 45 and Geren Road, heading east on Geren Road. As the officer began to pursue the pickup, it turned north on South 58th Street toward Zero.

"When it reached Zero, Officer Vincent Clamser was there and joined in the pursuit as they went east on Zero," Classen stated. "It was reported that traffic was light and speeds were reaching 100 miles per hour."

When the chase reached Painter Lane east of Massard, Barling police joined the pursuit.

"At that point, I decided to cancel the pursuit due to the high speed and leaving our jurisdiction," Classen stated. "Officers saw the truck turn right onto Veterans Boulevard at Chaffee Crossing; they also reported there was a run event and numerous people and vehicles in the area."

Within minutes, Sebastian County dispatchers received calls that the truck had crashed on Veterans Boulevard, Classen stated.

The suspect, later identified as Spoon, crashed the pickup about three-fourths of a mile south of Zero on Veterans Boulevard.

"There were several off duty officers at the event," Classen stated. "Off-duty Cpl. (Chris) Boyd Jr. and an off duty highway police officer detained the suspect, who tried to flee on foot after the accident, until officers arrived at the scene."

Officers spoke to several witnesses at the scene, including off-duty Sebastian County prosecutors, and were told that the suspect drove through Veterans Boulevard at a high rate of speed, and that there were numerous people running on the street.

"Six people, including a 6-year-old child, reported they were almost struck by the pickup," Classen stated.

Spoon was transported to the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center for a breath test, which he later refused to take, according to Classen.