The board of the Hartford Memorial Park met on May 30, 2013 to report and discuss the results of the Mother’s Day activities.

The total donations received were over $5,000. Their available operating budget is now $15,409. The board would like to thank everyone who contributed. Mowing expenses for this mowing season are now $2,371. This includes equipment repair, parts, supplies and fuel as well as labor.

The condition of roads in the park was also discussed. Some are badly washed and need to be filled in. The County will be contacted for assistance. Additional discussions were held on a future project to purchase flags for placement on veterans’ graves (large enough to be seen), as well as large flags on both sides of the main entrance driveway. A goal was set to have these by Mother’s Day weekend in 2014.

Finally, Elizabeth Hoopengarner was seated as a new board member, replacing Ronnie Messick, whose term expired this year.