The Hartford Memorial Park Board Meeting was held on February 13, 2014. Members present were: C. Brewer, O. Brewer, N. Frye, E. Hoopengarner and D. Slankard.

Meeting called to order at 1 p.m. by Nelda Frye, Chairman

•Minutes of the September 26, 2013 meeting were presented and approved

•A financial report was presented by Carolyn Brewer showing a total of $154,000 in the Perpetual Care fund; $738.54 in the Passbook Savings; and available operating fund in the Checking account of $8,192.67. An additional $7,000 is held in reserve for future equipment needs. Cost of labor for the year was $6,035; gasoline and equipment repair/maintenance was $1,522.05.

•Follow Up on Items from September meeting:

Road condition-Odell Brewer will follow up with Allen Lane of the County Road Department. Mr. Lane has promised to grade for us.

Flags-This project is in progress, Debbie Slankard reported that Tim Dunn is acquiring for us. It was agreed that the large flags for the main entrance should be on PVC pipe in the ground, with a cap, for ease of placement each year. (Mothers Day thru Memorial Day and Veterans Day). Ms. Harvey will be asked to complete this project.

An Audit Committee of Debbie Slankard and Elizabeth Hoopengarner reported that the audit of financial records has been completed. No recommendations or corrections were presented.

•New Business

Cemetery Maintenance-2014: Mr. Dwight Harvey has submitted a proposal of $900 per month for mowing and weed eating, with additional cleaning and maintenance at $10 per hour. Carolyn Brewer made motion to accept this proposal; second by Odell Brewer. Mowing to begin in April thru October, or as conditions dictate.

Board Member Terms

The term for both Debbie Slankard and Carolyn Brewer expires in 2014. Both agreed to serve an additional term. In order to bring board vacancies to a schedule of one expiration per year, Debbie Slankard will serve a three-year term and Carolyn Brewer will serve a five-year term.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 17, 2014 at 1 p.m.