The Hackett School District’s STAR Academy ALE class celebrated their 6th annual Harvest Unit with a wonderful student created luncheon. As community guests entered the room for lunch, they were each greeted by a student wearing a smile and handing out student made cookbooks. While all the students prepared the entire meal, each student was responsible for a particular dessert that they planned, purchased ingredients, prepared, and served as a finished product. The luncheon was a product of a six week long learning unit of the Hackett STAR Academy. The Harvest Unit emphasized a hands-on approach and incorporated project-based learning strategies. The unit was a cross-curricular unit which integrated math, social studies, writing, and social skills. Each student learned to budget and set priorities. Because they had to write letters too many companies seeking donations, they also needed to make sure their grammar and writing skills were in good shape. In addition, calculating serving sizes and portions required managing math and Excel spreadsheets. Thus, the luncheon was a culmination of all the skills they had learned during the unit. The STAR Academy is taught by Mrs. April Spence and Mrs. Betty Kirkendall.