Beginning the July 1 start of the 2013-14 school year, Greenwood School District’s substitute teachers will receive a $5 a day pay bump.

Assistant Superintendent Vicki Hall recommended the increase, which aligns the district’s pay rate with neighboring school districts. The School Board approved it 6-0.

It is, according to a memo from Assistant Superintendent Kevin Hesslen, the first pay increase for substitutes at Greenwood since 2007.

With the increase, daily rates are $60, regular pay, $65 bachelor’s degree pay and $70 certified teacher pay. Long term rates are $70 regular pay, $130 bachelor’s degree pay and $140 certified teacher pay. To qualify as a long-term substitute, the individual must first substitute for 10 consecutive days for the same teacher. The long-term rates begin on the 11th day.

The district will continue to contract with Subteach USA for its substitute teachers, according to Hesslen’s memo.

Formerly Greenwood Junior High School principal, Hesslen was promoted to assistant superintendent to fill a vacancy left when former Assistant Superintendent John Ciesla was hired as superintendent, beginning this month. Ciesla replaces former Superintendent Kay Headley who retired this month. Headley served as superintendent since 2002.

In other routine end-of-the-year policy revisions, the board approved 6-0 a teacher professional development policy that specifies that half of the ongoing training hours required by law or rule for a teacher shall be directly related to the teacher’s content area, to instructional strategies directly applicable to the teacher’s content area or to the teacher’s identified needs.

And the board approved 6-0 removing from its policy the previously designated parental pickup time for children found to have live human host parasites, such as lice. The policy previously called for parents or legal guardians to be asked to pick up their children at the end of the school day. Hall noted that the parasites could be transmitted to other children in the intervening hours. Board members agreed.

Parents or legal guardians will now be asked to pick up their children for treatment when live human host parasites are found. The parents will be provided information regarding eradication and control of the parasites.

At Assistant Superintendent Jerry Cecil’s recommendation, the board approved 6-0 remaining with K&K Insurance Group of Fort Wayne, Ind. as its school activities insurance provider. Cecil said the policy underwriter is Nationwide Life, and the district is pleased with the company and its premium costs. At $9,265, K&K’s bid was almost $1,200 lower than a competing bidder.