Without an official 2014 budget in place, the Greenwood City Council on Thursday approved moving $15,000 from the general fund to cover expenses in the Planning Department, payroll and routine, day-to-day operations.

"We need to transfer funds to get by," Finance Director Ann Eglinsdoerfer said during Thursday’s brief special meeting. "There are not funds to cover this payroll and on the 24th."

The proposed 2014 budget, which is expected to be adopted by the council Jan. 21, is nearly $9 million, according to Eglinsdoerfer. The 2013 budget was $8.39 million. Eglinsdoerfer said the difference this year is attributed to "different projects that are being done like water and sewer."

For 2012, the council approved a budget projecting revenues, carryover funds and loans totaling $7.85 million. A year earlier, it was $7.47 million.

City officials said it’s not uncommon to approve the budget in January. The 2013 budget was also approved on Jan. 21. Greenwood’s deadline for adoption of the budget is Jan. 31.

"Jan. 31 is the absolute latest," Eglinsdoerfer said. "I’m confident they’re going to pass it Jan. 21."

The council was originally expected to adopt the budget next week, but not all council members could attend a special meeting.

"I just think if we’re going to do it, we all need to be here," Councilman Lance Terry said Monday during a monthly council meeting.

In late December, the City Council recommended that one of two building inspector positions be nixed to counter a projected deficit of $67,824 in the Planning Department’s 2014 budget. Planning Director Sonny Bell said taking over animal control duties from the Police Department this year affected his bottom line.