Greenwood’s newest councilman resigned Monday after serving 11 months of his four-year term.

Craig Hamilton, elected in November 2012 to the City Council’s Ward 1, Position 2 seat, announced his resignation via a letter read aloud by the mayor at Monday’s council meeting. Hamilton was not in attendance.

"I have recently married and it has changed priorities in my life," Hamilton wrote. "I have recently been given the opportunity to work in the IT department in a hospital in Kansas, and because of this, I announce that I am officially stepping down …"

A lifelong Greenwood resident, Hamilton defeated nine-year councilman Rod Powell 1,742-1,521 for the seat last fall. He took office Jan. 1.

The monthly meeting was the third in a row Hamilton was absent.

In his letter, Hamilton pleaded with the council to appoint a temporary replacement and then let the people vote in either the May or November regular election. He even closed the email with, "Please let the people choose."

While debating what to do, the council was advised by the City Attorney, Mike Hamby, that they only had two choices. They could appoint a replacement or they could call for a special election and let the people vote. Either way, all they could do until next month was decide whether or not to accept the resignation.

"We’ve been getting along with five for a few months," Councilman Lee Johnson said. "We really don’t even have to make a decision on the process until the next meeting. Let’s just cool our jets and wait until the next meeting."

The City Council voted unanimously to accept Hamilton’s resignation provided a signed copy of the letter was provided to the City. The original was emailed without a signature.