On Monday, March 24, Jim Gossett was in an accident that left him hospitalized. Gossett was elected Mayor Pro Tem by the Greenwood City Council after Del Gabbard left office with a year left on his term.

According to State law, "If the mayor is unable to perform the duties of office or cannot be located, one (1) of the following may perform all functions of a mayor during the disability or absence of the mayor: (A) The city clerk; (B) Another elected official of the city if designated by the mayor; or (C) An unelected employee or resident of the city if designated by the mayor and approved by the city council."

The choice appears to be a moot one as A and B are the same person. Gossett’s choice for the person to fill in for him in an emergency is the Greenwood City Clerk. The City Attorney, Mike Hamby, verified this via text message to the City Clerk. Sharla Derry will be required to fulfill the duties of mayor until Gossett recovers and returns to work or a new mayor is elected on May 20.