The Greenwood United Methodist Church Music Ministry has taken flight in the last year and a half since bringing Dr. Sharon Kenney on board as the church’s first full time Director of Music. Under the leadership of Dr. Kenney, Adult Choir membership has more than tripled and the Children’s Music Ministry has gone from practically non-existent to approximately 20 very enthusiastic young singers.

Following a successful career of singing opera and concerts in Europe and the United States, Dr. Sharon, Soprano, has recently returned to teaching. She has served as an adjunct professor in voice and class piano at UAFS and College of the Ozarks and maintains a private studio.

In order to continue growing as a choir in both numbers and performance ability, the GUMC Choir is in need of a new digital organ to replace the outdated organ they are now using. This very creative choir has come up with a plan to help raise some of the funds needed for the new organ.

Greenwood will be flocked with Pink Flamingos (very well dressed pink flamingos)! If you have not participated in a "Flocking" before, the premise is that one of your friends donates to the organ fund. In return, choir members will place a "flock" of pink flamingos in your yard for a day or two. If you would like to send the flock to another friend, you may donate and specify where the flock will land next. If not, the flock will mysteriously disappear in a couple of days.

Of course, not everyone appreciates the beauty of a flock of pink birds in their yard, so Flocking Insurance will be available for $25 to ensure the flamingos will fly over the insured home without stopping. Insurance will only be available for purchase for 1 week, May 26 – June 2.

Flocking Sales begin on Monday June 3. To "Flock" a friend or purchase Insurance, call 638-0058. Small flocks of 6 birds are $25. Large flocks of 12 birds are $35. So in the next few weeks, as your travel around Greenwood, be on the look-out for flocks of bright pink Flamingos!