A 911 call was received at the Fort Smith Sheriff’s Office at around 8:30 pm on November 21. The caller stated two men had broken into her home while she was in the bathroom.

The victim, 70 years of age, told deputies when they arrived on the scene that her son had left her home at around 8:00 pm. She was in the bathroom when she heard a door to her residence open. She went to investigate and saw two male subjects standing inside her home and the back door was open. One of the male subjects went into to her kitchen area and the other male came toward her. The male grabbed the victim and tore her shirt collar. The victim ran toward her bedroom and grabbed a pistol. She was pushed onto her bed by the male and got on top of her. The victim was able to get the aggressor off of her and was able to point her pistol at the male. The male saw the pistol and both of the subjects fled the home. The victim ran to a neighbor’s house and called 911.

The two male subjects are described as white males about 6 feet tall. Their build was described as slender. The subjects were wearing camouflage clothing, black gloves, and black face masks. The victim remembered the subject who struggled with her as having long hair, but she could not remember the color.

The victim was injured during the home invasion. Sebastian County EMS checked out the victim. She had cuts on her arms and a bump on her head. She did not wish to be transported for treatment.

Taken from the residence by the subjects were medications.

Deputies were able to develop leads overnight. One of the leads is a vehicle of interest that was seen in area prior to the burglary. The vehicle is described as a burnt orange or rust colored small pickup.

Investigators are actively in the area following leads at this time.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office at 479-783-1051.