East Pointe Elementary Kindergarten teachers and students celebrated learning success on Friday, October 18, 2013 with the first ever Alphabet Bash. Students were challenged to learn to identify the capital and lowercase letters out of order during the first nine weeks of the school year. Every student made great gains and almost all achieved the challenge. There was a special snack break of Alphabet Trail Mix and lemonade. They enjoyed dancing at the Alphabet Bop, face painting, and sidewalk Alphabet Art. A certificate of achievement was given for each student who met the challenge.

Under Common Core State Standards Kindergarten students learn the alphabet, letter sounds, reading consonant, vowel, consonant (cvc words like cat, van, big), and even reading long vowel words like cake, so, and like. East Pointe Kindergarten teachers took a lesson from Leader in Me and Habit 2- Begin with the End Mind as they planned and issued the Alphabet Challenge. They have more academic challenges ready for each quarter of school. The teachers would like to thank all the students, parents, and volunteers for working so hard to meet the challenge this quarter. Congratulations on a great job!