The word was out by Saturday afternoon, September 21, 2013. The 5k Color Fun Run that was to help raise the funds to help purchase Caleb Garfield’s Diabetic Alert Dog was a success. After funds raised from the run were tallied, it was determined that enough money was raised for the family to purchase the chocolate Lab named Saver for Caleb. The following message was posted on Caleb’s Facebook page on Saturday afternoon, “Saver is now paid for!!! What an incredible community, filled with many, many angels helping provide Blessings!” At the Greenwood football game Friday night, Caleb and Saver were recognized by the football team. Caleb handed the game ball off to coach Jones before the game. The Greenwood football players wore blue ribbons on their football helmets in recognition of Caleb and his dog, Saver. That was a thrilling night for Caleb. The fun run was sponsored by Novo Nordisk & Greenwood Schools. Ty Adams was instrumental in getting Novo Nordisk, an insulin maker, involved in this project. Suzie Wilson was the go to person for the Greenwood School District. Rick Turner put the “Wheelin’ for Caleb” events together. There were over 100 people that participated in the 5K Color Run. Several individuals and businesses from the community took part in helping raise funds for Caleb’s service dog. Caleb’s mother, Meagan, said there were 4 other children in the Greenwood area that were in need of Diabetic Alert Dogs. Now the fund raising efforts need to be focused on these children and service dogs needed for them. Service dogs are becoming more prevalent in our society in many ways. There were more than 300 working dogs dispatched to the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. They served a variety of tasks including finding survivors, recovering the fallen and finding precious remembrances and artifacts of those lost. They also helped provide comfort. Their service was irreplaceable.