Greenwood teachers along with office personnel and support staff enjoyed a banquet to kick off the new school year and celebrate the years served in the Greenwood School District.

This is the 16th year that the event has been held and was made possible through a partnership between Greenwood Schools and the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce. Approximately 400 staff attended the annual event.

Local business made donations to make the banquet possible. Greenwood teachers received more than $12,000 worth of cash and prizes.

"This has been a great event and a great way to connect our businesses with our teacher," said Superintendent John Ciesla. " The Chamber loves to show their support for the school and our teachers really appreciate it. It is a great outreach and wonderful to know that you are supported by the community that you work in. It is not this way in every community, I have been in several and to have this kind of support allows us to do things that other schools can not do."

President of the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce Teri Hicks stated that she believes that the schools are why most people move to Greenwood. "We will continue to hold this event as long as I am the president," said Hicks. "Teachers are the greatest resource we have in Greenwood. As much as they do for our future I think that it is only fair that we take a day to recognize them. They may not feel appreciated for another year, but we will make sure they do that day."