At the Greenwood City Council meeting on Monday Apr. 4, the council will consider closing a portion of East Gary Street and Elementary Loop road turning over control to the Greenwood School District. The school and the city have been discussing the closure since late 2015.

"Over the past several years we have helped maintain these streets due to heavy bus traffic," said Jim Bynum, Director of School Operations in Nov. of last year. "We paid for the concrete and we helped move the utilities underground and there is more work that we would like to do but right now the city still owns the street."

The section of road in question is surrounded by school district property. The board voted unanimously to give Bynum the go ahead to approach the city about closing the two streets. If the city council approves this will be the second of three readings needed to pass the ordinance.

Alderman Rod Powell will bring two proposed ordinances Monday night, one for establishing salary and benefits for the mayor and the other establishing salary and benefits for the city clerk/treasurer.

If passed the mayor’s pay scale will be a minimum of $40,328 and a maximum of $65,000 and will be determined by the council based on the experience of the individual elected to office. The ordinance also sets office hours for the mayor which according to the ordinance, "shall generally adhere to the normal advertised office hours of the Greenwood City Hall." The ordinance goes on to say that allowances for the mayor will be made for lunch breaks, errands, illness, vacation, work conferences and public appearances. The mayor’s pay cannot be decreased during his term in office, however, upon the election of a new mayor the salary can be decreased to the minimum or any amount up to the maximum amount.

Similar rules are set forth in the ordinance concerning the city clerk/treasurer. The clerk’s salary will be a minimum of $39,698 and a maximum of $59,547.

Mayor Doug Kinslow will present a pay scale for the the rest of the city employees for the council’s approval. Salaries include:

City Attorney: $29,910-44,865

Mayor’s Office:

Personnel Director: $41,347-56,000

Planning Department:

Inspector $34,084-51,126

Code Enforcement/ Animal Control: $25,129-37,694

Planning Director: 46,400-62,088


Maintenance $21,173-31,759

Parks Director $38,365-57,548.


Patrolman: $30,180-42,450

Corporal: $33,280-45,760

Sergeant $37,440-49,968

Lieutenant: $41,600-57,759

Captain: $45,760-63,515

Chief: $55,620-67,780


Fire Chief: 50,440-67,780

In other news: The council will from City Attorney Mike Hamby concerning an amendment to the solicitor’s permit ordinance, a repeal of the unsightly hazards ordinance and budget resolutions for the purchase of playground equipment, a scissor lift and IT needs for the street fund. The meeting will start at 7 pm at 30 Bell rd.