The Veteran’s Memorial Park on the Square may soon have a new monument. Greenwood Mayor Doug Kinslow has been in talks with local artists about creating a unique bronze statue, which will be displayed underneath the Clock Tower.

The proposed statue, named "Freedom", will be of a male and female eagle with their three baby eaglets in a nest. The statue will rest on a boulder which will replace the landscaping currently under the tower.

The project will cost approximately $25,500.

Kinslow stated that he has been in talks with Arkansas State Senator Jake Files and Arkansas State Representative Charlotte Douglas about providing funding for the project. If the state is unable to provide the full amount to complete the project Kinslow stated that he will go to local business to seek funding.

The city has submitted a grant application to Western Arkansas Planning and Development District’s General Improvement Fund. "I don’t think they will come back and fully fund this project," said Kinslow. "But we are going to request the whole amount and see what they can provide."

According to Kinslow, when the Veteran’s Park was proposed by former Mayor Ken Edwards the conceptual drawing included a water feature underneath the Clock Tower, but that there was never any funding for that feature so it was left that for last.

Once half of the funds are collected for the project local artists Jim and Judy Dodson of Greenwood will begin work on the statue. The artwork will take approximately nine months to complete. The sculpture will be made here in Greenwood but will have to be fired in Texas.

"The thing that got to me about this particular statue," said Kinslow. "Was that it was a family and a lot of people that come the memorial are family. I thought that was fitting."