October 26, 1994 makes the day my mom (A.K.A. The Mother of the Year) started her "career" as the greatest mom to ever exist. My mom unquestionably not only deserves Mother of the Year, but also IS the Mother of the Year. A few short months before I was born, my mom willingly quit her job as an English teacher to be a stay at home mother and wife to our family for twelve years. She quit knowing that my parents would have to depend on God to provide for us. She made the choice invest in her children by being there for them and teaching us about the Lord. This sacrifice has molded me into the young lady I am today. She continually sacrifices things for us. Today, she has a job other than being The Mother of the Year: Greenwood School’s Secondary Literacy Specialist. When she is "off the clock", she switches gears to being a Mom. Every single day she cooks a home-cooked meal for my family, Teaches us that life is all about being happy, never stops exemplifying the definition of a Christian, and demonstrates a strong marriage with my father. In fact, I cannot remember a time that she has sat down before I have gone to bed. (I do not even know if she sleeps!!) Get this… The Mother of the Year, Christy Hesslen, has never complained once, I want to be like my mom when I grow up. Countless times, my selfless mom has stayed up with me late to help me study, given me advice, pushed me past what I thought I was capable of, and supported me. My Christ-seeking, book reading, hard working, Marathon running, health eating, people loving mom, Christy Martha Hesslen, indisputably deserves the title Mother of the Year.