Recently departmental leaders of law enforcement along with other community leaders attended training in the area of Child Abduction Response. The training was sponsored by the Amber Alert and Technical Assistance Program. Child Abduction Response Teams or C.A.R.T. has been developed to assist agencies in a regional and multi-disciplinary fashion.

The C.A.R.T. gives local law enforcement an asset to a rapid force multiplier for their agency of specially trained assets to respond and investigate child abductions. The training was conducted in Indianapolis Indiana. The core team that received the training was Jayson Peppas Alma Police, Chief Kenny Bell VBPD, Sheriff Ron Brown Crawford County SO, Marc McCune Crawford County Prosecutor, Bill Gossage Assistant Superintendent Ozark Public School and State Representative, Lt. Bryan Davis ASP, Kyla Payton Probation& Parole and Bill Hollenbeck Sebastian County Sheriff.

The training consisted of areas of best practices and investigative techniques in dealing with child abductions. Members also received instructions in family perspectives that were taught by Colleen Nick of the Morgan Nick Foundation. Legal issues and several case studies were examined as well as learning team and policy development.

Team members that attended this course of instruction will be reaching out to their local counterparts as well as other members of our community to develop the first C.A.R.T. in this region and the state Of Arkansas. Team members will also be looking for a source of funding and hope to have C.A.R.T. operational by early spring. "When our community be faced with another abduction this will be an invaluable resource not just for regional law enforcement but our entire community." Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck