Is a Christian group that helps in the community and saving souls. Anyone wanting to be a member is welcome. You do not need to have or own a Horse, Mule, or a Wagon. We meet every month on the first Thursday of the month if it falls on a holiday we plan on the falling Thursday, The meeting are at main Farmers Bank in Greenwood, Ark. We meet at 6:30 with prayer, fellowship, meeting, and we have a potluck meal.

We feed the kids at Mansfield Detention Center on the second Saturday of month. We have prayer, fun, fellowship, and ride sparky the steer (No Bull about Jesus) owned by Kane Riggs. Our group has been supplying back packs for kids being discharged full of all kind of items, Bible, notebooks, Bible reading books, hygiene items, stuff animals, wash clothes, anything we think might help the kids out. We call them the Back Pack Discharge bags.

Anyone having items they would like to donate new or used we can always use more Back Packs, Bibles, anything Biblical we could use anything that you think the kids could use. If you have a Community Event and need us to help Please call. All are Welcome to join our Christian Group.

President Howard Magby is 479-414-1651. Treasurer Debra is Jones 479-996-4314 or 479-806-1499. Call Debra Jones on the Back Packs.

Debra Jones