A trail of blood through the heart of Greenwood sparked speculation and surprise Wednesday morning.

"I saw it in front of our business," Dino Lube co-owner Shane Leary said. "There was definitely a red stripe. I had a customer ask what it was. I didn’t know."

One lane of Center Street was covered in crimson through the entire city and beyond, according to Aqib Kenoly, Sebastian County Department of Emergency Management deputy director.

"It looked like it was from a pump or a valve on the bottom of a chicken truck," he said. "Basically, I don’t think whoever it was realized they were losing product off the truck."

In search of the culprit, Kenoly followed the 20-mile trail of blood.

"From what it looks like, it actually originates from over in the Jenny Lind community near Bear Hollow Road on 71," he said. "It starts there and goes 71 south into Greenwood, then east all the way into Logan County.

"It’s extremely long."

City firefighters and street employees attempted to clean a portion of the spill in the downtown area.

"It’s not considered a hazardous material or anything," Fire Chief Stewart Bryan said, "but apparently it’s pretty nasty."

City officials estimate the spill occurred around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, when complaints began to trickle in to the Police Department.

"They were getting complaints that it was getting all over vehicles," Bryan said.

By afternoon, the blood appeared to have dried on the highway.

"If it’s so thick that it’s slick, that’s an issue," Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department District 4 engineer Chad Adams said. "If it’s dried up and it’s just an ugly sight, it’s really not a safety concern. When it rains, it will wear off. Traffic will wear it off."

Representatives of the Arkansas State Police’s highway patrol division said they had no information regarding the spill.