Albert Laurey is my dad, but he is so much more than that. He is my rock even though he lives miles away in California he is always there for me. While growing up he instilled a great love of music in me. Listening to my first "Bob Dylan" album with him on an old record player is one of my fondest memories. We always blasted late 60’s and 70’s tunes in our house. Because of him I grew up with "The Beatles" and "The Rolling Stones" as a music direction to follow. Through the years he has made me appreciate music and history more than any other person in my life.

One of our traditions is to watch a "cry" movie together on a weekend morning. Movies like "Old Yeller" or "Empire of the Sun". We sit together and cry and laugh that we are big babies. Recently, when they came to visit we watched "Saving Mr. Banks" and the whole family cried together on that one as well. It seems my dad and I both wear our hearts on our sleeves. When I am sad he can always tell. He says, "What’s wrong "me, me"?" That’s what he calls me. He always makes me feel better through my many moves and career changes. He is one of my biggest cheerleaders. He even subscribes to The Greenwood Democrat in California so he can read my stories!

If I want to talk politics we can talk for hours about it and we don’t get mad at each other. He is a great granddaddy too. When the kids were younger he did everything with them like fishing, movies, and just plain loving them to pieces. Now he texts them almost every day and sends them rewards for good grades. My dad is always saying positive things and he has been through a lot working hard at GM his whole life and being a good provider for us. He lost his daughter Janette my sister to Cancer in 2008 and was a huge supporter of the whole family for the entire tragic event. Through all of his hardships he has managed to be the best father I could have ever asked for. Thanks Daddy, I love you to the moon.