At least three motorists told Hot Springs Village police their vehicles received damage from white paint spilled outside Balboa Gate on March 30. A large truck reportedly was unable to enter the gate, turned around and left. The case remains under investigation.

In other reports in the past week, a man was picked up on misdemeanor warrants after he was found hiding outside behind a home’s chimney.

Also, under state law, headlights should be on when windshield wipers are in use.
April 4

An officer moved a tree limb that was partially blocking Cresta Way.

A vehicle failed to check in at the West Gate. No information on the vehicle was available.

A Villager told police he had been able to remove only a portion of the white paint that got on his vehicle after an unknown vehicle spilled paint between Highway 5 and Balboa Gate on March 30.

An officer went to a Narvaez Lane home to receive information for a vehicle paint damage report.

A large black and small brown dog were reportedly loose in the North Barcelona Road areas between Segovia and Laguna.

The driver of a 2010 Toyota was cited for improper lane usage after a collision at Emperado Way and DeSoto Boulevard. It hit a 2007 Ford Focus turning east from Calella Road. Damage: $2,000 each.
An officer saw a large black dog on Fresno Road near Tocina Place, but was unable to catch it.

After producing a bill of lading and receiving confirmation from restaurant staff, a tractor-trailer truck at Balboa Gate was escorted to a Ponderosa Lane restaurant. The driver and staff were told how the truck should enter the Village next time.

April 5

A 48-year-old man and a 35-year-old Alexander woman who were hiding behind a chimney at a Malaga Circle home were taken into custody. The man was picked up on misdemeanor warrants for failure to comply with probation and failure to appear, and taken to Garland County jail. The woman was charged with criminal trespass and escorted outside the West Gate, because Garland County jail lacked space to accept female misdemeanor suspects. She was warned if she returned, she would be charged with criminal trespass again, and was told she would need to be escorted in by police to retrieve her belongings at the home. The man had been staying at the relative’s home, but had not been seen in a month. The owner had previously told the woman not to return to the home.

A vehicle registered to a Village address, but lacking a sticker, failed to check in at the West Gate, a policy violation

An erratic driver was reportedly on Highway 7.

An officer checked on a man fishing on Granada Dam.

Police received a report of teens using profanity at Balboa Beach, but no teens were on the beach when an officer arrived.

After a report of a disturbance involving a firearm at a Medina Way home, the first responding officer ordered two men and a woman who were outside the home to lie prone on the ground. Other officers arrived and all three were searched for weapons. None were found, and it was later determined the firearm was locked up. One individual had mentioned self-harm, but the other man said he never felt threatened, and had acted to disarm the other individual, and secured the weapon.

April 6

West Gate staff said a Nissan driver was drinking a beer when he drove through the gate at 12:17 a.m., and turned onto West Villena. Open containers of alcohol are not allowed in Arkansas.

An officer kept the peace on Frontera Circle.

An officer heard off-property gunshots in the Segador Lane area.

An officer found a large tree lying across Campeon Way, and notified public works staff.

A driver moved a parked vehicle on Panorama Drive after being told it was partially blocking traffic.

April 7

A patrolling officer found a stop sign knocked down at the intersection of Santistaban Way and Carmona Road.

A pickup apparently knocked down a light pole at Coronado Fitness Center while attempting to park in heavy rain, and then drove and parked at another spot. When contacted in the center, the man said he was not aware he had hit a pole and had moved to a different spot because he could not see in the rain, but police showed him damage on his pickup that matched the pole’s damage.

A Casino Drive homeowner said solar path lights and a 12-inch diameter mosaic were taken. Loss: $100.

A black Dodge Challenger blocking Alicante Circle was towed.

A back Chevrolet Trailblazer was reportedly “all over the road” on Ponce de Leon Drive.

Another motorist reported receiving white paint damage at Balboa Gate on March 30.
After a Llana Lane water meter lock was cut, a person at the home was warned not to do so again.

April 8

Officers went to a domestic disturbance on Vaqueria Lane.

April 9

An officer removed foam bedding in the road on DeSoto Boulevard, near Seville Road.
A man pushing a bicycle near Huelva and DeSoto, described by a complainant as “possibly homeless,” was not located.

An officer kept the peace at a Quieto Lane home.

A leashed rottweiler that broke loose from a woman’s grip attacked a 10-pound leashed maltipoo on Balboa Trail. A couple was walking their maltipoo, a toy breed, and another man and woman were walking the rottweiler and a smaller leashed terrier. The maltipoo’s owner jumped down between his dog and the rottweiller. Both the man and maltipoo were treated for injuries, but are recovering, a relative told the Voice.

A black Ford truck failed to check in at the West Gate, a policy violation.

An eastbound driver on Medina Way ran off the road. LifeNet took the driver to a Hot Springs hospital; her vehicle was inoperable and was towed. Damage: $15,000.

A Villager reported unauthorized debits for online music.

A large non-poisonous black snake was reportedly on Alacron Way.

Golfers did not appreciate a small white-and-brown dog returning balls at Coronado Golf Course. It had no identification and was taken to the animal shelter.

A Tomisa Lane resident said several guns were taken from his home, probably by a relative.