Editor’s Note: This week and next week the Greenwood Democrat will be looking at the ever changing Town Square in Greenwood. This week’s focus will be on the positive aspects of the square, next will be concerned with a former business that has become an eye sore and a concern to the community.

Town Square in Greenwood is the most recognizable feature of the city and acts as the gathering place for such large events as the Freedom Fest and the annual Christmas parade. Recently the square has seen a revitalization not only of the park itself but also the businesses that surround the square.

Clock Tower

The Clock tower has been a part of Town Square since 1976. Greenwood received federal

funds to erect the tower in celebration of the nation’s bicentennial. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on July 4th of that year. Mayor Ed Hall was on hand turned the first shovel

of dirt that day. The tower was constructed in Tulsa Oklahoma and shipped to Greenwood in December of ‘76 and was dedicated on Dec 18 at 2:30. The bell inside the tower

was recovered from the courthouse that was destroyed in the 1968 tornado. The bell had been

a part of the courthouse since 1916.

In 2015 the tower was renovated at total cost of $50,000 when the crossbeams, previously made of wood, were replaced with metal, the striker was repaired, the concrete beams were shored up and a new clock mechanism was installed making the clock accurate to within one minute. LED lights were also installed so that the clock could be illuminated from the inside for the first time in decades.

In May of 2017, 41 years later, a roof was added to the Clock Tower, which was a part of the original design thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Western Arkansas Planning and Development District.

The final touch, an eagle monument was placed under the tower on Veteran’s Day 2017. The statue named “Freedom”, depicts a male and female eagle with their three baby eaglets in a nest.

New Businesses

With improvements to the park a slew of new businesses have popped up bringing new life to the area.

The Osborn Agency

The Osborn Agency has been a fixture on the north side of the square for more than 100 years. The insurance company was given a facelift this year replacing the old sign and improving its storefront that dates back to the tornado of 1968, which destroyed the Osborn Agency. The improvements were spurred after the old sign blew off of the building. “We thought If we were ever going to update the look of this building now is the time to do it,” said Cinda Bell, owner of the Osborn Agency. “We hope that maybe it would encourage others.”

The Cottage at Town Square

After the Greenwood Democrat vacated their office on the east side of the square a new hair salon, The Cottage at Town Square, moved in last summer and gave the old building a new look. According to owner, Blake Webb, the carpet was removed in favor of tile, the bathrooms were renovated and new paint and lighting was added. “Business is going extremely well,” said Webb. “It is just a great location.”

Live Out Loud

Local t-shirt maker and screen printer Live Out Loud has moved to the east side of the square in November taking up residence in the old Area Agency on Aging building. After making the move owner Kerri McDaniel made some improvements to the interior of the building and hung a new sigh outside.

Coming Soon…

Employees with the Bulldogs Grill, located in the old Bulldog Diner stated this week that they hope to be open in the very near future pending approval from the Arkansas Department of Health. Several improvement have been made to the building since September including a complete renovation of the kitchen. The Bulldog Grill will serve home cooked food including such items as chicken fried steak and catfish.