My son, Eric, started working at a local fast food restaurant here in Greenwood a few weeks ago. I was always cautioned about becoming a “burger flipper” when I was in high school and I have to say that is kind of insulting.

If you are a teenager and you have little to no life experience, let alone work experience, how are you supposed to gain that experience if you are not willing to take a job. I was a burger flipper at one time, I also slang tacos, spun pizzas and whatever you do with steaks. I never felt as though a job was beneath me or that the people I worked with were less than.

And to be honest some of those jobs were hard! We are lead to believe that fast food is an easy job for less than intelligent people. HA! Working a fast food drive through window is the closest I will ever come to being a air traffic controller. You wear a headset so that you can hear someone order their food, usually someone driving a car without a muffler destroying your hearing, you must punch their order into a register while handing out orders, making change and communicating with the kitchen staff. Then if you make the smallest mistake people assume that you are an idiot.

They tried and tried to teach me how to be a cashier at Chuck E. Cheese. In all the noise and excitement of that place I somehow ordered $600 in hotdogs. I don’t think they even sell hotdogs!

I am like most people and I complain when my order is incorrect, so what I try to do is remember how hectic things are on the other side of the window, take a few seconds and check my bags before I drive away.

My last fast food job was at Taco Bell on Hwy. 59 in Van Buren. That is where I met my wife, Christy. She was amazingly fast and accurate. I loved to watch her make orders while shouting instructions to make more beans. That was my job, to make beans, or prepare other ingredients, basically anything that did not involve getting in her way while I was in training. I never completed that training but I got the girl anyway.