At the January meeting of the Sebastian County Library board, the board voted to go ahead with a plan that would introduce Ebooks to the library. One of the online services the board is considering is Arkansas Library2Go, which would give county library card holders access to 17,868 Ebooks, 5,718 audiobooks in a collection that is valued at more than $1 million and growing.

Arkansas Library2Go is an association that includes 15 libraries that share books amongst one another. “If we join this consortium then whatever Rogers buys they would share with us and anything we buy they would be able to use as well,” said Librarian Renee Myers.

Once the system is in place county members will be able to log on to Arkansas Library2Go with their computer, tablet or phone, enter their library card number and download books. However, like a physical book, the ebook or audiobook does have due date on which it will return automatically. At which point you can recheck the book. Also like a library there is a limited amount of copies of each book available for checkout.

Myers stated that she plans to present the idea for the eresources to the Scott County Library board this week and if approved will bring it to the regional board to obtain funding. Arkansas Library2Go is a subscription service with a $6,000 a year price tag.

“We are excited to add this service,” said Myers. “It feels like we are moving forward and it is simple. We do not have to have a website we can just share the web address with our patrons and they take care of the rest with their library card.”

In other news:

The board is looking into possibly moving part of their summer reading program outside of the library to accommodate the increase of traffic in the already cramped building to avoid safety issues.

The board will meet on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 9 am in an informal study session at 101 N. Main to discuss the future of the county library. The meeting is designed to inform Myers, who took over long time librarian Judy Cleavenger, about discussions surrounding the aging building.

The library has sat at 18 Adair Street in Greenwood since 1966 and is seemingly unchanged. The building has not been updated in over 52 years and appears to be frozen in time as the town has grown up around it.

The Sebastian County Quorum Court earmark $600,000 over ten years ago to go toward the construction of a new library once plans were presented to them. Since that time the funds have remained waiting for the needs assessment to be presented.

The building is 5,780 square feet and can become quite cramped during special events such as the library’s summer reading program and is not ADA compliant without handicapped access to the building, bathrooms or the second floor.

Last year the board voted unanimously to go ahead with a plan to locate and refurbish an existing building in Greenwood to house the library. Library Consultant David Price addressed the board in January 2018 and presented them with three possibilities: Construct a new library, add a third floor to the existing building or find an existing building to move into.

It was decided that new construction was out of the question due to the $1.9 million dollar price tag and that the third floor option would still not provide the needed space. Reynolds was selected to head up a committee to seek out properties around Greenwood. If a suitable location cannot be found the board may have to reconsider the other two options.

Currently the library receives approximately $14,000 from county sales taxes and the millage brings in approximately $220,000 a year. The millage can only be used for operation and maintenance and cannot be used for constructing a new building.