Since the departure of Animal Control/Code Enforcement Officer Jared Ricketts the city has re-evaluated the position and come to the conclusion that the job will be split in two with the animal control remaining under the purview of the Greenwood Police Department and code enforcement returning to the day to day duties of city’s planning director Sonny Bell.

“It makes more sense to have those two position split up,” said Greenwood Mayor, Doug Kinslow.

Code Enforcement

Bell stated that he is enthusiastic about assuming code enforcement and intends on making Greenwood a cleaner place for its citizens.

“I drive this town all of the time,” said Bell. “I could be on West Denver and I might go up and down every street and look for things. I think it is unfair that an elderly couple to be living in a house that they have bought and they keep it up and looking nice and have a biker gang living next door and I am not going to put up with that. I can only do so much so the enforcement is going to come through the city attorney.”

The mission of the Code Enforcement Department is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. The department helps maintain and improve the quality of the community by administering enforcement programs to correct violations of municipal codes and ordinances. Code Enforcement also works with residents, neighborhood associations, public services agencies and other City departments.

Bell will have the ability to issue warnings and citations to citizens who violate local codes such as; having debris in their yard or overgrown grass.

After issuing a warning, after 10 days a citation will be issued in the amount of $25.00 per day. If fines are not paid further legal action can be taken against property owners including putting a lien on a property.

If corrective action is not taken after a citation is issued the city can clean up or mow the property in question at the owner's expense. Bell asked that any complaints about unsightly properties in Greenwood can be directed to his office at city hall.

Bell also stated that he plans on working with the city’s sanitation contractor to provide special days for cleanup of large appliances throughout the year.

Animal Control

The police department is currently taking applications for the animal control position. According to Kinslow it will be an entry level position into the department with the applicant either being a certified officer or becoming certified after taking the job.

“Their main focus will be animals,” said Kinslow. “But at any moment they can be called upon to help officers.”