Work on the the boat dock, trail heads and trails around Greenwood Lake have progressed over the last few weeks. Cornerstone Construction out of Russellville is on pace to complete the lake project by Dec. 18. According to Parks Director, Nathan Neighbors, the $141,000 project was funded through an 80/20 matching grant through the Arkansas Department of Transportation and includes placing concrete flagstone on the boat dock, adding two trailhead kiosks, adding .7 miles of trail to the East Loop, .4 miles of tail to the South Loop and Scout Projects that will add 900 feet of single track trail, a 20 foot bridge and two crossing bridges.

South Loop

Currently the South Loop trail is one mile and marks the beginning of the trail system with the main trailhead placed at the tree line near the boat ramp. “Given the rocky terrain this loop has the potential to be more mountain bike oriented,” said Neighbors. “The bottom leg will run along the shoreline and the upper leg will switch back up through the rocks and zigzag across the top of the hill to provide some interest and challenge for riders.

East Loop

The one and a half miles East Loop goes north and then crosses a culvert/bridge on the shoulder of the road in order to access the loop. The trail is a beginner level along the shoreline and intermediate on the upper portion due to the steeper side slopes and rocky terrain. The upper leg of the East Loop is more mountain bike oriented.

North Loop

The North Loop is the most advanced due to the steep and rocky terrain. It is an out and back loop that caters to mountain bikers.

In the future the parks department hopes to add a trail that will connect the trail to the West side of town near Stewart Court where an additional trailhead and parking area may be added. The restoration of the old steel bridge that spans the lake is also being considered as a part of the trails master plan and would serve to link the east and west sides of the lake. Renovation of the old bridge is estimated at $180,000.