It is the 50th anniversary of Monty Python and I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of Python documentaries had flooded Netflix over the weekend, which kept me indoors over a beautiful weekend. Worth it.

My first exposure to Python came at an early age when they used to air The Flying Circus on PBS. Being a young kid of 10 or 11 with ADD I was always looking for the strange and absurd and so when I saw my first episode my head nearly exploded.

Here were these adults with British accents doing the most ridiculous things I had ever seen and I loved every minute of it.

I didn’t discover Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail until college and began showing it to my friends and before long we were all quoting the movie incessantly.

When I met my wife one the first things we did was to watch the Holy Grail along with a couple of documentaries. She was able to see past my nerdiness and surprisingly did not leave me.

When Christy was pregnant with our son Eric we struggled a bit financially. One day I stopped by a wholesale freight store and found that they had DVD box sets of the entire Monty Python Flying Circus series. There are not a lot of Python fans here in the south and so I don’t think they knew what they had as they were for sale for $30 each. I purchased one, sold it on Ebay for $100, went back and bought three more, sold those and used the money to buy the rest and sold those. To a young family in need it was a Godsend.

When it was discovered that we were having a boy it was decided that I would get the naming rights. With Python on my brain I named him Eric after the Half-a-Bee sketch where a man attempts to purchase licenses for his various pets: a cat, fruit bat, halibut and bee, well half-a-bee. You see he was bisected accidentally. The point being that all his pets were named Eric. I did not disclose the origin of the name to my wife until the ink was dry on the birth certificate and she was furious.

I was secretly hoping for another child so that I could name him Brian after The Life of Brian.