The Jefferson County Republican Committee exhibit in White Hall City Park erected for White Hall Founders Day activities on Saturday was vandalized on Friday evening by unknown parties, according to a news release from Jefferson County Election Commissioner Stuart “Stu” Soffer.

In addition to tearing up and tossing yard signs all over the area, including one on top of the tent, the Ken Bragg sign was torn up, Soffer said in the news release.

“Of particular chagrin was the theft of a ‘TRUMP Make America Great Again’ banner,” Soffer said, adding that a police report was filed.

“White Hall is a Republican-friendly town, and cheers go up every time Donald J. Trump’s name is announced as a BBQ event sponsor. The belief is either outsiders or young people responding to Democrat calls for uncivil behavior were responsible.

“County Chairman Peter Smykla said the county committee will be offering a reward for the identification and successful prosecution of those responsible. All agree this type of behavior is not typical of White Hall, Arkansas, and was more than likely instigated by all of the Democrat mob rule rhetoric for uncivil behavior in the media.”