October 25


10 Years Ago

Kindergarten students from Westside Elementary in Greenbrier spend the day at Johnson’s Pumpkin Patch in Springhill. Pictured on the hayride were Alli and Abbi Martin, Colby Keathley, Carlie Reynolds, and Emma Vint.

A disoriented deer crashed through the glass front door at American Drug in Greenbrier.

Brook Hinton was crowned 2008 Conway Christian Homecoming Queen while Morgan Holt was crowned 2008 Conway High School Homecoming Queen.

Alana Stephens, a 2006 Conway High School graduate and Hendrix College junior, spent the first few weeks of her summer studying in Australia as part of the International Scholar Laureate Program Delegation on Medicine.


25 Years Ago

St. Joseph Catholic Parish was conducting a fundraising campaign for a $2.5 million building and renovation project. The building project included the conversion of the gymnasium into a parish family center, the construction of a new family activity and sports recreation center and the addition of new classrooms, including science laboratories at the high school.

Robert Ashton Adcock II received the “God and Me” Scout award during a ceremony at First United Methodist Church. The award represented fulfillment of a unit of study that included written work and three projects, all done under the supervision of a religious adviser.


50 Years Ago

Mark Ledbetter, 11, broke his right leg while playing sandlot football with a group of boys near Hendrix College. He was running with the ball when he was tackled by another youth. He was removed to the Banister-Lieblong Clinic in a J.J. ambulance and then to St. Vincent Infirmary.

A survey team from Williamsburg, Virginia visited the Greathouse Restoration on the Faulkner County Courthouse grounds in Conway at the invitation of Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller. Prior to the tour, they were entertained at a luncheon held by representatives of the Faulkner County Historical Society.


75 Years Ago

The YWCA and YMCA of ASTC sponsored their annual Halloween carnival in the physical education building. Coronation of a Halloween queen would be the climax of the evening festivities.

The Young Business Men’s Association President, Theo Ashcraft, acting upon a motion presented by J.O. Cox, was authorized to call a meeting of the YBMA’s park committee to meet with similar groups from other civic organizations in an effort to stir interest in a city park.

Graduation exercises for class #8, at WAC branch #3, army administrative schools, at ASTC took place at Ida Waldron memorial chapel.


100 Years Ago

Lt. Edgar B. Parker, who had been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Parker, returned to Camp Abraham Eustice, Lee Hall, Virginia.

From the Vilonia column: The Baptist Ladies’ Aid Society gave a box supper at the church. After all the boxes were sold there was a box of chocolate candy for the prettiest girl. Miss Thelma Ward won the candy. This box of candy sold for $71. The proceeds from the candy and boxes were $100. Our piano was paid off.