The Barling Board of Directors on Tuesday entertained the idea of having agenda meetings during regular meeting hours, but after some discussion settled on maintaining the current schedule.

In a memo to the board that was included in the meeting packet, Barling City Administrator Mike Tanner said according to state statute, the board may hold agenda meetings at such times under such circumstances, and on such conditions as the board may prescribe for the purpose of informing itself of the business and affairs of the city. However, no official action of the board will be taken at these meetings.

"I would suggest that if the board wants to do the agenda meetings, that they start the meeting beginning January 2019," Tanner said.

Barling At-Large Director and Vice Mayor Wally Gattis, who was appointed as mayor during the meeting, said the board had brought up this issue several times in the past.

"We're required to have two (meetings)," Gattis said. "We talked about having a session, we call it a study session, one meeting night and then ... a board meeting the next regular meeting night and vote on the issues that we've made up or talked about in our study session and the things that's in our package to be voted on."

Gattis said any way the board looked at the issue, it is going to have two meetings. He asked if the board needed to change what it has been doing, which is having regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.

After some discussion, Gattis said he thought it was the feeling of the board that it keep the current meeting schedule.

The board also approved a resolution certifying the rate of tax to be levied on real and personal property located within Barling in 2018 to be collected in 2019. It also directed the Sebastian County Clerk to place the certified amount on the tax books of the county and collect the tax in the same manner county and state taxes are collected.

In another memo, Tanner said a resolution certifying to the county clerk and recorder the amount of city millage the city has levied to be collected in the forthcoming year is necessary each year.

The Barling Board of Directors will have its next meeting Nov. 13.