The Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office has enlisted the help of Greenwood High School students for their latest active shooter training on Oct. 23 and 25 at Fort Chaffee.

Lieutenant Wyatt McIntyre, with the Sheriff’s Department spoke to the parents of the participants Friday night and explained the need for the training as well the process the students would undergo.

McIntyre is on the county’s SWAT team and an instructor for the department.

“Active shooter is a very important training, especially theses days,” said McIntyre. “We started this training back in March with just the Sheriff's.”

McIntyre stated that he wants to create a more realistic environment by adding students running and screaming to an already intense environment.

The buildings at Chaffee have the ability to create sights, sounds and smells that help with the training. Noise through speakers along with the students will make it more difficult for the officers to communicate replicating a true event. McIntyre stated that radios that the department carries are often of no use inside some structures so they need to train without the use of their devices.

“I am expanding this scenario a little more,” said McIntyre. “Usually when we train for an active shooter we go in and when the bad guy is down we are done. In an actual event it is going to extend passed that. In a real active shooter event we will make sure the suspect is secured and then we conduct a secondary search inside and out and then make sure the students are safe.”

The Sebastian County EMS SPEAR team (Special Purpose Emergency Action Response) will also be on hand to treat mock-wounded victims and SWAT team members.

Students are encouraged to wear fake blood to simulate injuries for the EMS team to treat.

The officers will be using either a special type of ammunition that makes a sound with no projectile or paintball bullets. McIntyre assured parents that their students would not be in any danger during the training as they will not be in the line of fire. All students will be given face masks as a precautionary measure..

“This training is mostly for our patrolmen,” said McIntyre. “It is for those officers that would respond to the event like patrolmen, CID, our detectives, our civil guys and Fort Smith Pd,