East Pointe Elementary recognized their September Leaders of the Month at breakfast on Tuesday, October 9. Held in conjunction with Partner in Education Farmers Bank, students receive a t-shirt, certificate, medallion and breakfast.

Kindergarten: Jonah Hadaway, Bryer Lauwers, Jonah Embrey, Harper Golden, Cyrus Williams, Riley Adams, Tayvn Nation, Gracie Myers and Kennedy Neighbors.

1st and 2nd grades: Laith Bradley, Emery Ciesla, Emma Grace McCants, Gavin Griffin, Axl Fowler, Zert Bridges, Peyton Duggan, Mabrie Cash, Abigael Branson, Aubrey Metcalf and Ty Karnes.

3rd and 4th grades: Addison Webb, Jett McCombs, Keegan Bowie, Presley Zimmerman, Aria Graves, Luke Wilson, Brooke Martin, Spicer Fowler, Isaiah Griffith, Rachel Odom, Rogelia Avina, Ashlynn Branson, Brooklyn Nolen and Halle Fox.