Jason Bridges started the new school year as the principal of the Freshman Center this year. Bridges will follow in the footsteps of his grandmother, who taught fifth grade at the elementary school and his father, Larry Bridges, who was a coach, a teacher, an assistant principal and acted as the first principal for what was called Raymond E. Well and is now East Hills. Larry also served as the Assistant Superintendent for the school district.

“My family’s history here goes way back,” said Bridges. “I can remember riding in the with my grandmother from Washburn listening to her tell stories about about her students here in Greenwood.”

Brides mother taught U.S. History at the junior high school, his sister in law is a principal in the Fort Smith School District and the President of the Greenwood School Board, Brad Johnson, is Bridges cousin.

“My family’s roots are pretty deep,” said Bridges. “This is home and it great to come back here and to be able to work here. It is more personal.”

After graduating from Greenwood High School in 1991 Bridges attended Arkansas Tech University where he earned his degree. After teaching for a few years Bridges went back to school and earned his masters degree in history and theology with the intent of becoming a history professor.

“After getting my masters degree I felt like I need to get back to the high school,” said Bridges. “I missed the place and I missed working with the kids.”

Bridges spent three years as a school Instructional Facilitator and acted as the assistant principal of the junior high last school year.

Bridges has started a student leadership committee that takes ownership over the student assemblies as well as other functions within the school.

“We have to help them mature, not just academically, but socially as well,” said Bridges.