No matter where you are in Greenwood on Friday night you know when the Bulldogs have scored a touchdown when you hear that familiar “BOOM” echo through town.

Over the last 30 the cannon has become a part of Greenwood football tradition. The spirit cannon has sat just beyond the north end zone signaling TDs by the Bulldogs since 1988 during the coaching days of Rick Rachel.

The cannon was built by Ted Efurd, father of former GHS principal Jerry Efurd. According to Phil Hicks, 1977 Greenwood High School graduate, the Chamber of Commerce was put in charge of the cannon and he has maintained and operated it ever since.

Hicks now wears hearing aids in both ears after being exposed to the blasts for 30 years now.

Hicks stated that the cannon shot three inch mortars up until 9/11 when the federal government put a stop to their use.

Today the cannon uses gunpowder without projectiles. The cannon has been to Morrilton on its one and only road trip. After Greenwood beat the Devil Dogs Hicks was asked by Morrilton not to bring the cannon back.

The cannon is also fired at the last game of the year for the ninth grade team signifying their transition to the high school team.

Every championship the Bulldogs have won are listed on the cannon. “We have left plenty of room to add more,” said Hicks.