October 7


10 Years Ago

The Faulkner County Leadership Institute and First Methodist Church hosted a political forum. Sen. Gilbert Baker (R) and his challenger Joe White (D)debated campaign spending.

Hendrix President Timothy Cloyd was pictured visiting with Bill and Nadene Miller after the announcement of their million-dollar donation to the school’s Lilly program, an on-campus office designed to encourage students to examine their vocation choices.

Conway City Council member Andy Hawkins was pictured showing off his beads during the UCA Homecoming Pep Rally at the Farris Center.

Frankie Sears of Mayflower was selected to fill a vacant seat on the Faulkner County Election Commission.


25 Years Ago

Bunny Adcock, executive vice president, was pictured socking Louis Stell, president and CEO, with a pie during a “Cream an Executive Contest” at First National Bank. The fundraiser for United Way raised $1,100 by allowing employees to vote by placing money in jars. Stell’s jar collect the most money.

Three-year olds Lane McNew and Kelli Sziszak were pictured counting apples while Megan Starkey, also three, was picking another apple at Cadron Crest Orchard.


50 Years Ago

Dr. and Mrs. Sam Daniel and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nabholz flew to Ft. Worth, Texas to attend the Arkansas-Texas Christian University football game. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Farris, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sly and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hunnicutt also attended the game as did Mr. and Mrs. Coy Gentry and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pence were also there. Elmer J. Fronabarger, Roger Meador, M.M. Satterfield, Leo Crafton, Jr. and Blake Browning also attended the game together.

Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, controversial national director of the Selective Service, addressed Hendrix College students.


75 Years Ago

Greeson Drug advertised Christmas gifts for the boys in the service and advised that the gifts must be mailed at once to get them there for Christmas. Leather kits, tobacco products, shaving kits and all types of service stationary were already in boxes ready for mailing.

Only nine men signed up in Faulkner County to go to Montana to assist with the sugar beet harvest. The government sponsored trip had asked for 25-35 to go on a special train. The jobs paid high wages.

Army specialized training students at Hendrix College were providing 50 percent of the Army band.


100 Years Ago

A county fair was planned for the black community. There would be a long procession with some people on horseback and some walking. Speeches would be given at the school. Everyone was invited.

R.E. Melton, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.Q. Melton of Conway, returned from Little Rock, where for the past two days he had been taking the Rhodes Scholarship examination.