Helen Nave asks: What are the candidates thoughts on recreational activities for our citizens and kids here? The kids in Greenwood need something to do that keeps the money in Greenwood.

 Jerry Carter; mayoral candidate:

Your question is the same I am hearing from a number of citizens. The answer is Investors. Investors will not come knocking on our door. The Mayor’ office and the Chamber of Commerce should use all at their disposal including the media to let investors and manufactures know where Greenwood is located and we would welcome them with open arms.

 Doug Kinslow; mayoral candidate for reelection:

I've always thought Greenwood could sustain some sort of aquatic entertainment for our children and adults alike I am aware of the high cost of construction and upkeep of such a facility. I don't think we have to build a full-fledged waterpark. Possibly an Olympic size swimming pool with a slide or two and splash pad. I think it's ultimately up to the citizens of Greenwood to decide if they want something like this. And how it should be paid for. We have a very active and capable parks and recreation commission I would encourage citizens to attend their meetings to voice their opinion on this matter

 Josh Niles; council candidate:

there are so many options for recreational activities to be brought into our city. I personally would like to put in a put put course and possibly a movie theater one day.

 AC Brown; council candidate for reelection:

I believe Greenwood provides lots of opportunities for kids to get involved. Our schools, our churches and Boys & Girls Club are excellent in providing activities for our kids with the help and support of our citizens and local businesses. There are playgrounds at our parks, churches and school yards.

We have a trail system. Our schools offer recreation from organized sports to robotics, civic and service clubs. Bell Park has scenic views, picnic tables, rec and music areas, disc golf, and the Holiday Trail of Lights. The City and our Parks Department put on Freedom Fest, Fall Festival, Halloween on the Trail, & Santa House on the Square. Our Freedom 5K Run and our 5K Yule Run attract kids of all ages.

Also our Christmas Parade, along with the associated Bean Feed, is one of the largest in the area.