To say that my mother is an animal lover is a gross understatement. In fact she has skirted the law a time or two to help an animal that she thought might be in need or simply uncomfortable. One time we were watching the news together and there was a story about a man that hit a horse on his motorcycle. The man died but the horse lived. My mother’s response was, “That poor horse.” To which I responded, “I would shoot that horse in the face if it would bring that man back to life.” Not very diplomatic I admit, but I meant it.

With that said, she was very displeased when she read the story about killing two possums; one on accident the other on purpose for tearing my trash bags apart.

Over the weekend I discovered that I have yet another possum that wants to get into my trash. Don’t worry I did not harm the little guy. When I saw it it immediately ran behind some boxes and just stared up at me, I could not make myself do to it what I had done to the other. It was kinda cute if I am being honest. I left him alone.

I added a little crushed red pepper to my garbage and that seems to have put a stop to the rummaging.

After this small act of mercy I decided to do some research on the marsupial, which is also a mammal (I was set straight by more than one reader on this point).

Did you know?:

That possums are, for the most part, immune to rabies?

They have 50 teeth, more than any other mammal?

Their diet consists of rodents, insects, snails, slugs, birds, eggs, frogs, plants, fruits and grains?

They have immunity to venom produced by rattlesnakes, cottonmouths and other vipers?

They have a great memory of where to find food, for example, my garage. In fact possums can remember where food is better than rats, rabbits, cats and dogs:

Possums like to kill cockroaches and rats that they find in their territory to cut down on competition for food?

They eat around 5,000 ticks per year.

So now I feel guilty for dispatching two possums and vow to not do it again.