The Greenwood Democrat has been collecting questions for the mayoral and council candidates for the the November election. There are no live debates for these very important positions in Greenwood’s local government and so we asked you, the citizens, to pose questions to the candidates about the issues that affect you most.

Over the next few weeks we will publish the results of the questionnaire that was given to each candidate leading up to the election on November 6.

The mayoral candidates are: Doug Kinslow, who is running for reelection and Jerry Carter.

Candidates for council include: AC Brown, who is running for reelection and Joshua Niles.

Teresa Ramos: What can/will be done about our traffic from the Eastside of town? It needs a solution.

Doug Kinslow; mayoral candidate for reelection:

I have been in discussions with the director Scott Bennett of the Arkansas Department of Transportation and Congressman Steve Womack on plans for about two years on a bypass beginning at the juncture of Highway passing through Dr. James Burgress's property; meeting directly with Highway 10. This project has had a traffic study completed and is now in the environmental study phase. I believe this traffic relief project would allow for better traffic flow, and a secondary access for emergency services to the east side of town if we were ever to lose a bridge.

Jerry Carter; mayoral candidate:

This can only be addressed in a possible meeting with a legislative committee meeting held in this area with witnesses from the Ambulance drivers, Police Officers, Fire Department and any other Greenwood Citizens. In my opinion, Greenwood cannot afford to pay ½ of the 50/50 Grant to build a bypass.

I will work very hard to solve this problem.

AC Brown; council candidate for reelection:

Our current Mayor and Council are actively working on this issue. This issue requires local, state, and federal funds to build highways. The cost to build a bypass is approx. $26 million. To get that amount of money, we need help from the state & possibly the federal governments. The state has to look at the issue to determine the need and the benefit. The state primarily looks at the number of vehicles and accidents. Our numbers are significantly less than NWA. This is good news for Greenwood because we have safe drivers. On the other hand, it means we are a lower priority for state funding. The fact that we are currently on the list for state funding means we are moving closer to state aid and a resolution.

Josh Niles; council candidate

The current administration has a plans to place a bypass between HWY 10 and S. Coker st. With that being said I would suggest a temporary fix to relieve traffic by extending the traffic light time going west on Center st at the following intersections: Mt Harmony, North Main st., South Coker st. and West Denver St.

I spoke with Chad at ARDOT and he said he would email Doug Kinslow and let him know that we can play with the lights to help relieve traffic coming from the Eastside.