I murdered two possums over the weekend. Well, I suppose one was manslaughter (possumslaughter?), but the other was murder one for sure. I am not proud of my actions but I can explain.

8:35 pm

While driving home from my mother's house I noticed my first victim running into my path from the left hand lane. My son Eric was riding shotgun and I have told since he was very little to never swerve to avoid hitting an animal. And now I was presented with an opportunity to show instead of just tell. There was no time to stop and so I claimed my first kill of the evening.


I have been fighting with an unknown adversary for months now. The Graham household produces approximately two bags of trash a week which leads me to take one and sit in the garage for at least a night or two. The garage door is incredibly hard to open and close and so it stays open most of the time. Well something has been getting in the trash and ripping my bags open.

Many a Monday morning I can be found trying to rebag my garbage while nervously listening for the trash truck.

I began double bagging my trash, no luck; I sprayed ammonia on and in my bags (thanks Google), no luck; I even purchased a motion sensor light to scare the pest away that I think was assisting my tormentor.

So Sunday night I am winding down when I realize that I am pretty relaxed. Something must be wrong! My phone has not been dinging and buzzing at regular intervals, I must have left it in the car.

I go outside to retrieve my phone when I hear it; the perpetrator is rustling in the garbage with the stupid motion sensor light on. I walked into the garage thinking that this would scare him away. Nope, he just kept on tearing my bag apart. I walked slowly over and grabbed a shovel and well, I will leave it at that.

I am not sure why it bothered me to kill it. Maybe if I were a hunter I would be accustomed to to it, but I am not. I have killed many snakes over my lifetime with no regrets. Perhaps I felt bad because, at the time, I thought it was a mammal. I now know that possums are marsupials and I don’t feel AS bad.