Amy and Olivia are a mother-daughter author team that enjoy sharing the love of reading with anyone they can.

You can find their dystopian trilogy (The Secrets Series) at any of our branches. One of the ways they choose to support libraries is by being members of the Friends of the Library.

"The library has become somewhat of a lost gem these days. With new things like Kindle and Amazon taking over, libraries have been pushed to the side due to the convenience of these new techniques . But even with these new techniques of reading and buying books, we should always support our local libraries.

Libraries are a great place to go when you need some peace and quiet, and you can’t get that at home. Its great for kids and teens to go to after school to work on school projects and to just read and hang out until their parents are off work.

It's a safe and secure place to go to with a smiling face always there to greet you. The atmosphere and history that the old books provide gives you a warm and comforting feeling, which is perfect for finding a good book, a good spot to rest, and reading to your heart's desire.

We should all be thankful for libraries, even if we don’t have the chance to go to them as often as we might like. They need our support and encouragement, and we should all give them the love that they deserve."