It is that time of year again when political signs are popping up all over town. Most of the local politicians are running unopposed, such as the City Clerk, Sharla Derry, City Attorney, Mike Hamby as well as two of the councilmen, Lance Terry and Daniel McDaniel.

However, Mayor Doug Kinslow and Councilman AC Brown have both drawn opponents in the upcoming election.

Jerry Carter is a former Greenwood City Councilman and will be running for the mayor’s position.

Local businessman Joshua Niles will be seeking a spot on the council.

As of yet there are no public debates for these very important positions and so the Greenwood Democrat will be conducting a written debate.

Readers are encouraged to contact the Greenwood Democrat and submit your questions. The best questions will be given to the candidates to respond.

After giving the candidates time to ponder and answer the question submitted by our readers their answers will be published in an upcoming edition of the paper to give the community a better understanding of where those who are seeking office stand on the position you care about most.

Please submit your questions to