At the August meeting of the Greenwood School Board, Assistant Superintendent, Suzy Wilson and Literacy Facilitator, Christy Hesslen, presented the board with 2017-2018 testing reports for elementary and secondary classes.

ACT Aspire

The ACT Aspire Test is administered to Grades 3-10. The ACT Aspire is an end-of-year assessment that assess all Arkansas public school students in grades 3-10 unless they qualify for an alternate assessment. Each student participates in English, reading, writing, math and science tests. While the state of Arkansas is performing worse than the national average in most categories Greenwood still managed to outperform both state and national averages on the test nearly every grade and every subject

For the third grade ACT Aspire East Pointe and Westwood the two schools outperformed the state and the nation in math, reading, english and science as they did in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades.

“People statewide ask us what we are doing for our writing,” said Wilson. “However they did not report the writing scores this year.”

Comparing Greenwood’s scores against 2016-2017 scores the school district has managed to improve in more than half of the subjects listed for each grade.

Wilson stated that according the website Niche Greenwood is ranked as the number one place to teach in the state and the safest place to attend school in the state.

“With the best teachers and a safe environment in which to teach the future is bright in Greenwood,” said Wilson.

In her report, Hesslen stated that last year 147 student received college credit for Composition 1 and 145 students received college credit for Composition 2. Students also received 121 credit hours for algebra, 121 for trigonometry and 46 hours for calculus.

All this adds up $433,846.00 savings for parents of college bound students.

Next year students will be able to take even more college courses including intro to education and AP biology.