There is a famous quote by Joseph Addison that states, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

As I am out and about on our campuses during the summer months, I am always surprised by the amount of activity that is taking place during “summer vacation”. Students participate in a wide variety of sports camps, band camp, FASDOGS, summer athletic leagues, ACT Preparation classes, driver’s education and GSPIRE to name just a few of the activities. It is clear that our students and parents are committed to keeping their child’s skills honed so they perform at a high level when they return to school in the fall.

THANK YOU to our friends at the Scott-Sebastian County Regional Library for their commitment to sponsoring the Summer Reading Program. Countless hours of hard work go into providing the students in our area with an opportunity to keep their minds sharp during the long summer break. Ample research has been conducted surrounding the negative impact of extended breaks on student achievement. This is often referred to as the “summer slide”. Much like our bodies, if we do not exercise our minds for an extended period of time we regress to our former self. The impact of the Summer Reading Program on student achievement is profound and can be documented by monitoring a student’s reading level. Students that read regularly can combat the negative impact of the “summer slide” while those that do not read can often regress one or two reading levels.

Once again, thank you to the wonderful employees and volunteers at the Scott-Sebastian County Regional Library for making the Summer Reading Program a success and to those parents that are committed to seeing their children read during the summer months!