The council voted unanimously Monday night to approve a resolution setting forth the rules and regulations for limb pickup for residential sanitation customers.

The city will not accept:

Bags containing dirt or garbage.

No tree stumps will be accepted.

Leaves, grass clippings or hedge trimmings will not be collected in trash cans and must be in biodegradable bags.

Commercial or manufactured lumber or landscaping timbers will not be collectd.

Grass clippings or leaves in bags weighing more than 35 pounds will not be collected.


Tree limbs or brush must be no longer than 8 foot in length and limbs no larger than four inches in diameter.

Yard waste should be stacked for easy loading on a truck. Larger waste my be collected with a backhoe.

The limbs may be bundled and tied with a string or cord. Bundled limbs/brush cannot be bigger than 24 inches in diameter.

Limbs or bagged waste cannot be placed in a ditch, on a water meter, on a sewer manhole, around a gas meter or on the roadway.

Once properly prepared yard waste should be placed at the curb or no more than ten feet from the road.

If not properly stacked or comply with specs the yard waste will not be picked up and may be subject to code enforcement.

Yard waste is collected by the city on the first Tuesday of each month.

In other news:

Councilman AC Brown stated that he has received complaints about Altes Sanitation not picking up garbage on scheduled trash days.

Tammy Briley, Executive Assistant to the Mayor stated that she has had several complaints as well. “It is all over town,” said Briley. “It could be one neighbor that is skipped or the entire neighborhood.”

Briley also stated that Altes did not provide a rolloff dumpster for this year’s Freedom Fest but instead provided two small dumpster, which were overflowing with trash by noon.

The council has been debating whether or not to go into the sanitation business over the last few months due to issues relating to Altes Sanitation.

Greenwood is currently in a three year contract with Altes Sanitation. The topic was spurred at the May council meeting by a request from Altes Sanitation for an increase due to a recent hike in landfill fees.

The city awarded Altes the contract last year and is just five months into that contract. Altes bid was for $9.40 for each residential pickup and $1 each for recycling. The city tacks on an additional 50 cents as an administrative fee.

Greenwood Mayor, Doug Kinslow, stated that he had been visited by Bobby Altes a few months ago and requested the increase of $1.20 to $1.30 per household.

According to the current contract either party (the city or Altes) can terminate the contract with a 30 days notice.

The council agreed to continue to consider their own sanitation department with the understanding that the price of trash pickup in the city may have to go up.

“Altes does the job dirt cheap,” said Alderman Dr. Lee Johnson. “We are getting what we paid for.”