A drive-by shooting was reported to the Fort Smith Police Department on Friday, according to a police report.

Bradley Williams of the Fort Smith Police Department reported responding to a drive-by shooting call in the 1200 block of North 15th Street on Friday. He arrived on scene and made contact with a Fort Smith woman, who said she was fired upon from a moving vehicle. The woman said she was outside with some friends when a red Camaro passed by and later came down a street from an alley, where someone in the car opened fire.

The woman, as well as another female, identified the shooter as a Fort Smith man. They both reported hearing five to six gun shots go off as the car went east on a street and believed one or more hit in their area. There was a round indention to the woman's vehicle, the report states.

Williams reported he then made contact with another Fort Smith man. The man provided a video showing the red Camaro heading east followed by a black passenger car. Occupants in both vehicles were shooting at one another as they drove by.

Williams searched an intersection and located three brass casings for .380 bullets and one casing for a 40 caliber. He collected all the casings and placed them into a bag to be put into evidence.