As you drive through Greenwood people can often be seen gathering around the local VFW building to admire the new mural in town. Some can be seen snapping photos of their children or of classic cars in front of the beautiful new artwork. The mural was originally supposed to be much more complex but that has now changed.

When the project was originally planned to paint a mural on the side of the Harris Hanna VFW post in the American flag was supposed to be the background of a more ambitious painting.

Local artists Bret Short, Sharla Derry and Ronald Dooley have been working on the flag mural for the past few weeks and now it looks so good that no one wants to cover it up.

In the beginning the mural was suppose to show veterans from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and one that represents veterans from 1990 to today over the top of the American flag.

“We have just gotten so much positive feedback on the flag,” said Post Commander Richard McKinney. “Sometimes simpler is better.”

According to Derry, the artists will make a few last touch ups and then add a sealer to preserve the painting sometime before Independence Day.

The Harris Hanna post was named for two local veterans, Hoyt Hanna and Bert Lee Hanna, who died in World War II. The VFW post was established on April 1, 1946. The charter still hangs on the wall that lists all of the original members of the post and reads like a who’s who of Greenwood’s past and present with such notable names as Means Wilkinson, founder of Farmers Bank, Charles Bell, who Bell Park was named after and many many other men who left their homeland to defend our freedoms overseas.

The original post was destroyed by the 1968 tornado. Today the post boasts nearly 300 members with a wide variety of vets from many wars the United States has been engaged in and from every branch of the military.